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San Ramon CA Eye Test

Importance of a yearly eye examination in San Ramon CA

San Ramon CA eye test

San Ramon CA eye test

If you cannot remember the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam, you will want to make an appointment to come and see our optometrist at Visual Expressions Optometry. Just one of our top-notch eye doctors, Dr. Selin Khayatan, will provide you with a complete eye exam which includes a San Ramon CA eye test for many different eye diseases, including, glaucoma.

There are many eye diseases which show no symptoms in the early stages. For this reason, people can walk around with serious eye diseases without even knowing it. However, if you have a comprehensive eye exam including a San Ramon CA eye test for glaucoma, our eye doctor will be able to determine whether or not you have this serious eye disease, or other eye problems. During our eye exams, your eyes will be tested or screened for many different eye diseases which include: glaucoma; macular degeneration; cataracts; diabetic retinopathy; retinal tears; dry eyes; and other problems of the cornea, macula, and retina. During our eye exams, your eyes will also be tested for their visual acuity. If it is found that you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, your vision can be easily corrected using prescription reading glasses or contact lenses. Today even patients with astigmatism or dry eye are able to have their vision thoroughly and safely corrected using contact lenses. Our optometrist will be happy to talk to you about the different vision correction options that you have. If you want to get contact lenses, you will have a contact lens exam and fitting, which will include these vision screenings, as well as extra time for our eye doctor to measure the curve of your cornea, the size of your iris, as well as discuss with you which type of contacts will work best for you.

If you would like to come to our vision practice for a San Ramon CA eye test, or other vision services, contact us today for an appointment.

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