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San Ramon eye doctor

San Ramon eye doctor

When was your last eye exam? If it was a year or more ago, this would be a good time for you come to our optical store. We at Visual Expressions Optometry recommend a yearly eye exam for everyone. This is partially to check your current visual requirements, but also so our San Ramon eye doctor can screen you for the most common eye diseases.

If you need corrective lenses to see your very best, or you need an update to your existing prescription, our eye exam will determine that. A prescription to address nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some combination of those will be written by our San Ramon eye doctor, and then filled by our optician for your convenience. It is a wonderful feeling to see without struggling or having to squint. The second part of the exam is the screening for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. These eye diseases don’t present any noticeable symptoms in their early stages. This is why an annual visit to our San Ramon eye doctor is so essential. The best outcomes are linked to early detection. There are certain baseline tests, such as tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure in the diagnosis of glaucoma. For cataracts, it is a slit-lamp exam, which involves shining a light in your eye. Other conditions are tested for only if they are applicable to you. Macular degeneration becomes a concern if you are age 40 and older. And diabetics, either type one or two, are prone to diabetic retinopathy. As an added plus, your general health can also be promoted from an annual eye exam. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes can all be detected from your optical blood vessels.

Arrange your eye exam right now. Call our office San Ramon eye doctor┬áso schedule it. Don’t leave your vision and eye wellness to chance.

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